Cosmogenic isotope dating 100 dating from any country

It is transported to earth surface in rain so consequently it has a much shorter atmospheric residence time than carbon-14.

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The creation occurs within minerals the upper meter of rocks exposed directly to the sky.

If rocks are undisturbed for millennia, differences in the cosmogenic isotope content of the upper and lower surfaces accumulate.

use it as a powerful tool by which to reject data from two erratics that clearly had a history of prior exposure and substantial burial before they were abandoned by the retreating East Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Four other erratics gave older but concordant Al ages; these were excluded from the analysis because their model ages did not conform to the age and elevation relationship that characterized younger samples.

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Measuring a pair of isotopes with contrasting half-lives, most often C now coming into vogue, can provide additional information about bedrock and erratic history (Bierman et al., 1999).

Measurement of paired isotopes in glacial erratics has been done before (Davis et al., 1999; Marsella et al., 2000), but Mackintosh et al.

For others, this inheritance is a treasure trove of information about the stability of landscapes under ice and the distribution of erosion as a function of landscape position (Briner and Swanson, 1998; Colgan et al., 2002; Marquette et al., 2004).

In any case, the cumulative isotope concentration tells the story of multiple but inseparable periods of exposure and burial.

infer is several times less than that implied by ice sheet models, and small enough that it effectively precludes ice extending to the shelf margin.

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