Colorado dating lines

Otherwise, you’ll end up nauseas and extremely fatigued. If you overdo it you’ll be stuck on the couch for days. A deep-fried treat unique to Colorado, Rocky Mountain Oysters aren’t actually seafood at all, they’re bull testicles.

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Every Coloradan is expected to love at least three different sports, depending on what season it is.

Sure, there’s skiing and snowboarding in the winter, but the summer months shine a whole new light on Colorado making things like white water rafting, rock climbing, and mountain biking possible.

Another thing that Colorado does right is Mexican food, and one thing that makes Colorado Mexican food unique are the roasted green chili peppers.

Nowadays, the chili pepper has become so popular it’s regularly added to other types of food, like pizza, sandwiches, burgers, cake… Not only is it the seventh most sexually satisfied city in the nation, Denver is the most sexually active city as well with sales of contraceptives 189 percent higher than the national average. It’s not uncommon to see a dog on a raft or a dog at the top of a mountain.

Interestingly enough, crime rates in Colorado have also fallen since legalization.

Denver is known as the mile high city for a reason, it’s literally a mile above sea level. If you’re new to the state, take some time to let your body adjust before you do anything strenuous.

And of course no event in Colorado would be complete without a good amount of libations and live music to accompany these brave be-fruited soldiers.

Ski season is long in Colorado, typically starting in November and sometimes lasting until the Fourth of July.

Some brave Coloradan thought it would be a great idea to fry them up, and the tradition stuck.

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