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You will have a know a little more than the average TS admirer if you want to be successful in meeting and dating lovely transsexual women.

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Please don’t start off treating us as a sex object.

While it’s true we’re a different from genetic weomen, and we may enjoy sex very much, we don’t like being treated like trash.

They have seen transsexuals in porn and that’s about the extent of their knowledge.

You’re reading this so you’ll not be in that unfortunate group of men. It is a porn term that is despised by most transgender community members.

Many people believe the porn industry marginalizes transsexuals as sex objects with no other useful purpose. I believe that porn is entertainment — in this case transsexual entertainment.

It is their job to focus on the sexual aspects of transsexuals and how they can satisfy their male partners.

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So what you have in a TS is someone who identifies as female gender but who has the genitalia of a male, unless she has completed gender reassignment surgery to become a woman.

Men who want to and romance often wonder what it will be like.

I’ll try to remove some of the mystique about these beautiful, exotic transsexuals.

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