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Her dark sepia toned skin also assured that she would be impaled.

We were also certain that Ellie would be disemboweled and served as a whole roast.

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New slaves were acquired, usually the last week of the month, so to balance the herd and make way for the new slaves, girls who were most ready for slaughter, with proper body fat and muscle structure, were butchered over a two day period.

Cassie was one of my dorm mates, a tall black girl with strong muscles and well-breasted.

After we were paddled, we made our way across the campus from our dorm to the main slaughter house, an inocouous brick building with a meat shop in the front facade. As we approached, girls from all over the campus were converging for the same purpose.

Unlike butchering for orders in which 10 or 12 girls of the 1500 odd slaves were slaughtered per week, this was a culling which occured every month.

What I saw shocked me at first and then excited me.

Mom was on top of the bed, naked on her hands and knees. One was my uncle Ron, Mom's brother who was two years older than her, and the other was a black man that I had never seen before. Uncle Ron was in front of Mom with his penis on her mouth and the black man was behind her with his in her kitty from the back.

The fact was that I wasn't fat, my breasts weren't so inviting, and I only weighed 154 pounds.

When I was a young slave, I also romanticized about being spitted but over the years as I grew more at peace with the eminence of my death, I resolved that it would be completely okay to just be beheaded and parted out.

Cassie was certain that she would be put on a spit.

Her classic body type would be elegant over a grotto's fire.

This was generally considered one of the least desirable methods to be butchered.

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