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I was out of town for the holiday, sorry I missed this question.

I think the best answer is a combination of referrals from models who have worked for me or other producers, sending out inquiries to models that look like they may be interested through modeling sites, and pure luck.

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We collect and copy ID's, take interviews, have them sign lots and lots of paperwork.

The most important thing though, is we are giving local actors work and that helps everyone out.

It helps to have a studio location and years of content to reference.

The questions of legality of the movies has been asked. I know that all kinds of violent acts can be show in mainstream movies...more violent (yet for far shorter of time), then I could ever make.

Best fantasy hot iron torture scenes on the web by far.

Thanks Ralphus for posting up a free link to the Bordel SS scene. I've bought every package on there, and to be frank, most of them suck.

If anyone else here is a member of that site, and has some good recommendations, post'm up, I find sorting through his selections rather tedious.

Brutus wrote: John M: Appreciate the details on the limits producers face in their work.

My first thought was "At least Jerry Seinfeld found a hotter girl than Elaine to rape! My final thought was "Don't antagonize the dude who got his belt around your throat, dumbass! Yeah, looks like Jane is moonlighting for Damian these days.

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