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Robert Whitaker: Rethinking Psychiatric Care: If We Follow the Scientific Evidence, What Must We Do To Better Promote Long-term Recovery? Seifer: Solving our Most Pressing Health Concerns: The Promise of Community-University Partnerships (11/5/2008) How do we combine the knowledge and wisdom in communities and in academic institutions to solve the major health, social and economic challenges facing our society? A Blog that Collects Articles on the Effecitive Use of Technology in Social Work Practice This blog is dedicated to sharing articles about understanding technology tools and using them to support social work practices.

Bride: Collateral Damage: The Impact of Caring for Persons Who Have Experienced Trauma (3/10/2011) As the field of traumatology has grown, it has become increasingly apparent that the effects of psychological trauma extend beyond those that directly experience traumatic events. We've developed a starter kit on self-care for our students that might be of some use to other beginning social work professionals. He holds appointments in the College of Public Health, the Aids Education and Training...

They are allowed to allow anyone into their zone of privacy that they wish on the understanding that the recipient would respect that," he said.

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Dostal said he is pleased with the judge's sentence, saying the court "kept the victims in mind." "They did nothing wrong.

They are entitled to share intimate photographs, intimate information.

Antonio López Peláez about his research on emerging robotics technologies and the ways that they are changing human societies. A Program for Making Games That Can Be Educational or Therepeutic Game Maker: Studio is a free app from Yo Yo Games for creating video games; the app does not require any prior programing knowledge or experience.

The website also provides tutorials to learn how to use...

Judge Paul Scovil said he was encouraged that the teens, who are from the Bridgewater area and ranged in age from 13 to 16 at the time of the offences, have expressed remorse and accepted responsibility for what they did. But he also quoted the mother of one of the victims, who said the experience has been "complete hell." A conditional discharge means if the teens follow court-imposed conditions for nine months, their convictions will be erased after three years.

The teens must do 50 hours of community service, attend counselling and meet with police.The teens used online Dropbox accounts that were created in 2015 to share images with one another.Some of the pictures showed nudity, according to an agreed statements of facts in the case.The proliferation of geographically distributed teams, striving towards innovative...A Scholarly Review Article Examining Data on the Use of Virtual Worlds as a Platform for Conducting Healthcare-Related Support Groups With the advent of social media technologies, debate continues to swirl around the ability of these technologies to either connect or isolate. A Web-Based Service for Coordinating Program/Service Eligibility Assessments This website by Co.Trauma: A Public Health Crisis in Western New York (3/13/2010) This conference, sponsored by the Community Health Foundation of Western and Central New York, informed community members and stakeholders about trauma and trauma-informed care. A Comparison of Gross Domestic Product and the Social Progress Index: Their Relevance for Understanding How People Are Doing in a Society In this TED Talk, social progress expert Michael Green discusses the history of Gross Domestic Product as a measure of economic development and proposes the Social Progress Index as an improved...

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