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As soon as I walked in the house he started, "hey Jeff, did you see how hot Jen was for me today? I can't believe she didn't jump me right here on the couch." "Yeah whatever man, she really wants you, and you're all she talks about." "If she wants me in her that bad maybe I should give her some" "Dude, seriously.It's kind of getting old hearing this all the time.She couldn't be more perfect if she were sculpted by Michelangelo. Dwayne was always making smart ass comments and bragging about how big his cock was, He never came in that he didn't talk about some girl that was begging for it.

He explained that the recorder could receive up to six different camera signals and record them all at once.

The cameras were concealed in different things to make them inconspicuous.

Not to mention Jen was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen too.

She is 5'5" with long straight golden blonde hair, blue eyes, soft silky smooth skin, perky b-cup breasts with big pointy nipples and a perfectly toned athletic body.

I respected her values and didn't pressure her because she was special. Finally on our 2nd anniversary she told me she was ready to lose her virginity.

It was the best sex I had ever had, it was the only time I ever loved the girl I was with.In spite of his attitude Dwayne could be fun to hang out with sometimes and could be generous or helpful too. She said he always looked at her like she was his prey and he was waiting for the right moment to pounce.Although he never said anything in front of her, he often made remarks to me about "did you see how Jen was looking at my cock?After graduation we both went to local schools, me the local state university and Jen went to the local two year school to get some of her prerequisite classes out of the way while living at home.Jen was raised in a religious household with strict parents and a strong sense of good girl behavior.Nick who was an easy going nice guy and Dwayne, an arrogant black guy who thought he was the greatest thing on earth, especially when it came to women.

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