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People often forget to follow it when choosing careers or deciding how to spend their leisure time.

But by engaging in volunteer work, actively trying to find the positive in whatever we must endure, and making sure that we keep ourselves connected to other people, it has been shown that the reality of our situation will actually change to match our behaviour.

For a small investment, we get hope in return — the dream that all our problems will soon be solved, without any real expectation that they will be.

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Buying into the overblown claims such books make, he argues, can lead to you blaming yourself for failure when you don’t achieve the outcome you hoped for — and avoiding treatments that actually work. Furthermore, very little of the advice offered in self-help books has been tested scientifically, despite the fact that there are ways to do so.

Indeed, there have been many good scientific studies on how to become happier.

Championed by Oprah Winfrey, it shot into the bestsellers list.

Worldwide, the DVD has sold more than two million copies, and the book more than four million.

What’s the harm in that, you might ask, as long as people know what they are getting?

Maybe a better analogy is that reading a self-help book is like buying a lottery ticket.

On The Secret website, enthusiasts claim they’ve solved their financial problems, met their perfect partner, even cured their infertility thanks to Byrne’s book. In fact, scientific research shows that some forms of positive thinking are, indeed, beneficial.

Again, though, self-help books typically ignore this research and embed their messages in questionable ideologies.

This is because of the symptoms associated with the disease as well as the problems it can cause.

This is especially the case if you do not have much information on the disease.

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