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Yeah, Woodstock ’94 is a big crass commercial operation–but so was the original.It directly hastened the consolidation of “underground” music into the corporate rock that by 1972 or so would smother almost all true creativity in the pop/ rock field.Pray and his partners still don’t have a distributor for the flick and it’s a shame. Besides correcting what the national media got wrong about local bands, it includes some of the only performance footage of Mia Zapata.

My personal favorite local lounge-revival act, Julie Cascioppo, is there Thursday nites.

It’s run by Sunny Speidel and connected to her existing Doc Maynard’s bar next door (she promises to upgrade the quality of acts at Doc’s starting later this summer).

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD DEPT.: Again this year, there was a Belltown Inside Out promotion, celebrating the Denny Regrade as an allegedly “diverse” and even “artistic” urban village.

Over the past four years the “artistic” part of the program has steadily diminished, befitting a neighborhood where most of the artists’ studios and affordable artist housing have gone to condos.

For a Machead like me to learn an Internet UNIX line-command interface from the online help (much of which is written for programmers and system operators, not end users) is like learning to drive by reading a transmission-repair manual.

IT’S A CRIME: Ya gotta give Clinton credit even in the face of apparent defeat.

I don’t know if she invented these plans herself or if somebody just came back in time and told her.

‘TIL NEXT TIME, please write in with your suggestions for a non-California-centric metaphor for Internet and World Wide Web use.

We’ve gotta expand from just protesting things, into the comparatively boring nuts-n’-bolts of getting things done.

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