Before updating scaffolding from new

Scaffolding in Cake PHP also allows developers to define how objects are related to each other, and to create and break those links.All that’s needed to create a scaffold is a model and its controller.

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On 9 June 2015 six stonemasons who were contracted to Zero C, including Sarah Klopper, 44, were pointing brickwork on one of the buildings on a scaffold 10.5 m above the ground.

At the same time, Carter employees were using a mobile crane to lift a stillage container of 500 scaffold fittings up to the eighth floor, 20 m above ground.

“She was very lucky and remarkably, no one else was hurt.” Buchanan found that Zero C had approved the risk assessment for moving the fittings to the eighth floor, which had to be done by hand.

That was not realistic, she said, as they weighed one tonne in total.

In this way, you have to repeat the Add-Migration and Update-Database command each time you make any changes in your domain classes.

Suppose you want to roll back the database schema to any of the previous states, then you can use "update-database" command with –Target Migration parameter as shown below: Use the "get-migration" command to see what migration has been applied.

Zero C Holdings was the principal contractor for the building project, which involved the construction of two steel-framed buildings at Queen Mother Square in Poundbury, Dorchester.

Carter Training, part of the Carter plant hire group, had been contracted to carry out the lifting work.

The fittings, each weighing 2 kg, poured out and fell into the scaffold below.

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