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This pledge King Arthur broke when Guinevere persuaded him to fight exclusively under the banner of Christianity.

Sir Thomas Malory distinguished the sword in the stone from the sword he received from the Lady of the Lake, and it was only this second sword that was the true Excalibur in the 15th Century.

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In Welsh poems he was a prophetic Wild Man living in the Caledonian forest in the 6th century.

Other Scottish sources name this Wild Man as Lailoken, not Myrddin, but the story is similar.

Sir Thomas Malory (and in the French Suite du Merlin (Prose Merlin, c.

1240), wrote that the sword that King Arthur had taken from the stone was not Excalibur; in fact, Arthur broke this original sword in his fight with King Pellinor.

These and the Welsh monk Nennius, Myrddin and Ambrosius evolved into Merlin as the prophet and wizard popularly associated with the Arthurian legends.

He had mentored British kings for generations, led armies into war, made many prophecies, and worked great feats of magic, so great that Morgan Le Fey, King Arthur's sister would not let him rest until he agreed to train her.(the Duke of Cornwall) and Igraine , mother of Mordred, (who was also King Arthur's incestuous son,) the lady-in-waiting to Queen Guinevere, the wife of Uriens, secret lover of Sir Accolon, an admirer of Sir Lancelot, and 'as fair a lady as any might be' among other things.

She first appeared in Arthurian legend around AD 1150, but her true origin stems from Celtic mythology (Morrigan) of Irish mythology and 'Le Fay' is an ancient word for a fairy and the Breton name for a water-nymph is a 'Morgan'.

She was often associated with scheming and mischief but never turns entirely evil.

We are also told Excalibur was originally derived from the Latin phrase Ex calce liberatus, "liberated from the stone". The world's scholars have been debating since the Middle Ages..

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