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We’ve had everything: from the crowd-pleasing energy of Zumba to the seductive sinuousness of burlesque, from the dancehall-based swagger of booiaka to the bootcamp in strength-training that is pole-fitness, from the butt-obsession of twerking to the languid elegance of ballet-fit.And now comes bachata: the original dirty dancing dating back to the Dominican Republic of the 1960s, a genre so notorious for its association with lust, vice and the poor that it was – until the past couple of decades – pariah in its country of origin.

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In 1982, his mother sent them to live in Miami with their father.

While there, Enrique was exposed to three different cultures and musical influences: Hispanic, European, and American.

He recalls the post-dictatorship years of Dominican culture as being both a blessing and a curse for the genre. They didn’t think it was ever going to amount to much, and to them it was practically criminal.

On the other hand, more and more people were drawn to it, they kept coming to listen. Either way, I said to myself, this music is good and I will continue.’ As the rural poor migrated to Dominican cities in search of work, they took with them the music of Paniagua and his compatriots.

After a Spanish compilation in 2008, Enrique released Euphoria in 2010, which gained attention on the strength of the singles "I Like It" and "Heartbeat." Besides touring, he released three non-album singles in 2012.

In 2013 he began to issue pre-release singles for his next full-length.

After a year studying business at the University of Miami, he decided to follow his passion for music.

In 1995, he sang in person for his soon-to-be manager, who at Iglesias' insistence of not wanting to use his family name, first shopped his demos as an unknown Central American singer named Enrique Martinez.

Despite the fact that radio stations refused to play bachata music on account of its supposed immorality, urban centres – and later, major US cities where thousands of Dominican nationals had settled in pursuit of the American dream – were becoming mesmerised by its distinct musical signature and dance style.

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