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If the blower and hard kit isn't fitted correctly, how can I be certain the water chemistry is safe?

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The place is a building site, after we looked around we said it wasn't fit for playing in.

Everything is covered in a layer of dust from the ongoing work, there were tools and building materials laid around.

Agree with previous comments that it could be really good once it's finished, they have tried to do too much at once.

Should have left the second floor closed off and concentrated on a smaller area.

Met some great people, and had a really fun night, but this place is 2 months away from being ready unfortunately. Fingers crossed it gets finished as it is massive and it will be lots of fun What would you say still remains to be done to get it to the finished article?

""Had the best night ever in a sex club without actually having sex! As others have said if they partitioned some of it off and concentrated on 4 or 5 playrooms it would be a good start.

The club is massive, far bigger than anything around by far.

Not sure whether this is too adventurous or not as it’s going to take a lot of filling to make it not look dead.

" The review would have been the same but I would have stated that £30 entry was too dear when it was difficult to find somewhere to sit or play that was not covered in plasterboard dust.

In my opinion there is a good 4 weeks work to get it done."Had the best night ever in a sex club without actually having sex!

Guys this is going to be a good club if it gets finished but it’s curently not far from being a building site."We went tonight, the place will be amazing and has such massive potential, it is huge and will be one of the best clubs in the country without doubt. We were happy to pay the membership but felt £30 entry for a 60% Finnished club was a bit much and we had a word with the owner who offered us a full refund. If you are thinking of going I would say go, pay your membership and offer to pay £10 entry until it is finished. Thanks for the feedback, not sure they will offer £10 entry on mass once they realise that everyone is asking for it.

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