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The term gained widespread use in the early 1980s, at the time of the introduction of the IBM PC and numerous related hardware and software products to the consumer market.

The silicon part of the name refers to the high concentration of companies involved in the making of semiconductors (silicon is used to create most semiconductors commercially) and computer industries that were concentrated in the area.

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Asiandatingsites biz

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Silicon Valley is a nickname for the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area in the northern part of the U. The region has expanded to include the southern part of the valley down to Gilroy, and southern portions of the East Bay in Alameda County.

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Casey Affleck is a successful actor, but it's a little surprising how much he rakes in in the movie biz.Perhaps the strongest thread that runs through the Valley's past and present is the drive to "play" with novel technology, which, when bolstered by an advanced engineering degree and channeled by astute management, has done much to create the industrial powerhouse we see in the Valley today.The first published use of Silicon Valley is credited to Don Hoefler, a friend of local entrepreneur Ralph Vaerst's who suggested the phrase to him.380–381) Sweeney and Baugh's line was strictly an intra-city, San Francisco-based service; that is until California State Telegraph Company enfranchised on May 3, 1852; whereas, O. The line was completed when [James] Gamble's northbound crew met a similar crew working southward from Marysville on October 24." The Bay Area had long been a major site of United States Navy research and technology.In 1909, Charles Herrold started the first radio station in the United States with regularly scheduled programming in San Jose.The dating niche for Asians or people looking to date an Asian.

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