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So, in the days leading up to the war, mounting tension between Israel and Hamas was a frequent topic of discussion between Jeremy and me.These discussions often turned into arguments and sometimes flat-out fights.Jeremy, my boyfriend, who prefers his last name not be used, comes from a family that is staunch in its support of the Israeli government.

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Some have criticized us for trivializing what’s going on in Gaza.

They say this conflict isn’t about hatred between Jews and Arabs; it’s about a powerful country oppressing a weaker people.

Jeremy took issue with my assumptions about Israelis; I couldn’t understand why he seemed to place more emphasis on Israeli lives than Palestinian ones.

But as he eventually revealed to me, he’d witnessed a bus bombing during his time in Israel.

He knows they were people too, with their own motivations and struggles, as alien and violent as they may seem. Instead of dehumanizing those who have hurt you, I think you need to look at the context of their lives and understand them as human beings in order to reach any real peace, with yourself or withthem.

That’s why Jeremy and I decided to take part in the Jews and Arabs Refuse to Be Enemies campaign, which was started by Abraham Gutman, an Israeli student living in New York, and his friend Dania Darwish, who is Syrian.

(To be clear, that’s how I feel aswell.) There hasn’t been any reaction from Jeremy’s family, but there’s a good chance they haven’t seen the photo yet.

On the other hand, I’ve been the target of all sorts of aggressive comments on social media, with words like “bitch” and “attention whore” being spat at me; again, sadly, they’ve mostly been people I fundamentally agreewith.

I wrote those words on a piece of paper, kissed my boyfriend, snapped a picture, and posted it on the group’s Facebook page.

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