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I did my best to research the other uses for this feature to understand the logic behind its release.

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It wasn’t until I read on Facebook’s Help Community about Backdating that I found a single solution that could be an ethical way to use the feature.

That solution was when converting a Facebook account from a Profile Page to a Business Page.

Wisconsin provides statutory guidance for the prerequisites to qualify for the program. Safe at Home Application Assistants are on staff with designated programs which can be found on the Safe at Home website.

The applications are available in English, Spanish, and Hmong.

However, instead of posting for a future date, your post will be nestled in your Timeline at the past date of your choosing.

My concerns for this feature are for the ways it may be used.

We already have the “Edit” function on Facebook which can help with typos or simple mistakes; so why the need for this extra feature that could lead to something less ethical? Again, Facebook already provides a solution for posting about previous events or special moments for your company with “Milestones.” You are able to add new photos or photos you already posted to Milestones to make it very similar to a post.

Why do we need the Backdate solution to make it a more inconspicuous past post?

Sometimes advance planning can permit a farmer to dispose of such assets before filing a bankruptcy, but much more often, these asset dispositions take place later.

The farmer, and even his or her attorney, may have waited until absolutely necessary to consult with reorganization counsel.

It makes sense to export your highly engaged posts to help build a business page filled with rich and valuable content.

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