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You would be treated very well and nobody will treat you better (GUARANTEE #2). I am open to girls from different ethnicities, sizes, races and ages 18-27. Generally, men under age 40 are still considered "young" while women under 30 are considered "young." Age has a different meaning and consequence for men and women.

'Worthy,' 'Deserving' and 'Reciprocate'.""*Note #1 - I am open to girls from different ethnicities, sizes, races and ages 18-27. If you contact me it will be assumed you have read, understood and agree with everything on this page. .") NOTE: I WILL TEST YOU early in the first communications/interactions between us to know if you are real, honest, motivated, serious, etc. IF YOU WANT A RESPONSE, please E-mail (1) your name, (2) your email address, (3) your location (city), (4) your age, (5) your ethnicity and (6) your current & clear photo (within the last 3 months). I may ask you to drive or travel to me on the first meeting to "test" if you are serious. Answer: A romantic (intimate) relationship and long-term (on-going) girlfriend. Thus, if this is not what you are looking for then you SHOULD NOT contact me. Answer: DEPENDS on your level of "MATURITY," mental growth, intelligence and overall cognitive understanding.

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They say once you go black you never go back...until you go on a Persian excursion. And now that I'm married to a white guy, it's an excursion I won't ever be taking.

Aside from one terrible blind date, I have never dated an Iranian guy- even though I am in fact an Iranian.

This seems to be the one area where "taarof" doesn't come into play for Iranian men.

(I'm not a big fan of the Wiki definition here-- but Taarof is basically the act of taking turns insisting on doing something-- like "I'll pay the bill" followed by someone else saying "No, I'll pay the bill" Most of the time, you have no intention of paying the bill, but you offer just to be polite.)8. Aside from my own parents (and some of my relatives) who are the exception to the rule, Iranian parents LOVE to get involved in their kid's relationships/marriages. That movie is super racist and we all hated Sally Field for years and years until Brothers & Sisters which basically could have been about a Persian family except for the fact that they were white and lived in Pasadena.

I just got a familial vibe from every Persian guy I was 99.9% sure I wasn't related to.

Even though Persian JFK, Jr was objectively hot...picturing him naked would be like picturing one of my cousin's naked.

A significant portion of my cousins have Iranian spouses.

I know several other Iranian females that would ultimately like to end up with an Iranian guy. Here are the top ten reasons I never dated an Iranian guy. They already have a 50% chance of having big noses and hair in unwanted places.

Remember something ladies, especially THOSE OF YOU who "Complain" about "Men." The problem is NOT "Men." The problem is YOUR "Pick," "Selection" and "Taste" in men. Choose "Better" men and you will have "Better" experiences with men. It's ignorant and ridiculous to judge someone so quickly without ever talking to them, meeting them and not even spending 10 minutes with them.

Trust me, I am not like your ex-boyfriend or husband. Don't be quick to judge someone (especially negatively) until you really get to know them which takes time. And if this is your first focus or priority don't contact me.

It would be "my big morbidly obese in desperate need of gastric bypass" wedding. And I don't get dolled up often or wear a ton of make up. In college, there was like Persian ski trips and things like that, but I never went on them.

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