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The only time a gay man in Chechnya could be himself is when he met with another gay person, typically through social media, Anzor said. Anzor, who talked to the AP at a safe house provided by LGBT activists, fears for the lives of his family members who will become pariahs in the patriarchal Chechen society if his identity is revealed.

“Sometimes families turn away from such people, some families get rid of such people,” he said of gays, a word he is visibly uncomfortable using.

“And it goes on five, six, seven times.” The abuse was first reported in April by the independent newspaper .

Vinnichenko said, with dismay, that the US Embassy in Moscow has been “unwilling to engage in a dialogue on visas for the torture victims.” In Washington, the US State Department told the AP that it was “unable to discuss individual cases” since visa records are confidential but added that it “categorically condemns the persecution of individuals based on their sexual orientation.” After he was released, Anzor stayed in Chechnya to tend to his ailing mother, but eventually felt compelled to leave.

“My friends, people I have socialised with were all rounded up.

“I'm scared for my family, my sisters and brothers.

I don't want them to suffer for me.” Anzor, in his 40s, said the ordeal began when police stopped the car in which he was riding with friends in the town of Argun.

Anzor was lying on a dirty floor as a man in army boots jumped on his back.

His agony worsened when his captors started torturing him with electric shocks.

They were taken to a police station after officers found a sedative pill on one friend.

Small details that Anzor didn't want to make public led the police to believe that he and one of his friends were gay, he said.

Antipathy to homosexuality in Russia is widespread.

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