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You don't need a clever line to get her to talk to you.

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Flirting with women is a concept that is lost on most guys.

Let's face it - most men are clueless when it comes to HOW to flirt with women effectively.

She also wants to be chased herself, so you want to give her the ability to write her own story about how it all happened.

Instead of saying things like: "Wow, you sure are beautiful..." or "God must be missing an angel up in heaven...", find ways of communicating your appreciation with your body language.

The second she notices you, and knows that you have noticed her, a timer starts in her head.

And if you hesitate, that tells her you're not as confident as she wants you to be.

So what we're going to discuss today are my three hottest bits of dating advice for men that will expose the mistakes men make when trying to flirt with women.

If there's any dating advice for men that stands the test of time, it's this one.

" It's a brilliant marketing strategy that has increased Mc Donald's revenues massively.

Just by offering a small add-on, we're more likely to agree to it. Instead, just ask for a quick cup of coffee or tea.

A small meeting like this is non-assuming, and will get a much higher acceptance rate from women.

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