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Looking for an organization in your area who has the Touch Chat App on an i Pad® / i Pod® / i Phone®?

Below is a list of places where you may be able to try the Touch Chat App, borrow it from a lending library and/or get an assessment with it before you purchase.

They also have a four wheeler constructed of two side-by-side linked bikes for those who can ride in normal biking posture.

Brox HPVs in Manchester, England, has a four wheeler that comes in various configurations and is designed to carry cargo.

In addition, we do not allow personal attacks of any kind, please be considerate of other people's feelings when posting on the board.

We at Doll Divas want to keep the board a fun, safe place for everyone who visits.

They also have a "One Less Car" tricycle pedicab and other tricycle models.

Caribbean Riders is a Florida-based designer, wholesaler and marketer of a line of surrey-style four wheelers.

Please note that some of these organizations may charge a fee for their services and they may not offer all of the previously mentioned services.

If you would like your organization to be listed as a Touch Chat Partner, please complete the application and email it to [email protected]

They also do some custom work for special needs riders.

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