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Stroll along the pedestrian-only promenade and you might see people sharing crepes at an authentic French sidewalk cafe, trying on sunglasses at one of many interesting boutiques, or enjoying an authentic flamenco dance under twinkling white lights – all sights you’d miss if you were whizzing by.Any time of day, Española Way offers a safe, fun and communal experience - like that of a true Miamian. Read more about our story A mecca for culture-minded locals and visitors, this spectacular performing arts center is the state’s largest.

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD) support the need to establish guidelines for the handling of pedestrians in temporary traffic control areas (3,4).

The MUTCD outlines three basic items that should be considered in the application of pedestrian accommodation in temporary traffic control zones: However, the MUTCD and TMUTCD have only a few typical applications for pedestrian temporary traffic control treatments, and these seem mainly applicable to urban intersections.

Additionally, these typical applications seem focused on urban settings, while pedestrian issues also arise at temporary traffic control zones that are in suburban, small-town, and essentially rural environments.

In these instances the engineer responsible for developing the pedestrian traffic control must rely on previous experience and judgment, which can result in a lack of consistency in pedestrian traffic control treatments from region to region.

This report documents the research efforts that addressed these objectives.

Specifically, the report contains a summary of the literature review, state-of-the-practice interviews, field evaluations of current practices, development of a guidelines checklist, and summaries of human factors studies conducted with the general public and special needs groups.

It is home to Art Basel Miami Beach and the South Florida International Auto Show.

The Miami Design Preservation League’s Art Deco Welcome Center on Ocean Drive is the starting point for 90-minute tours led by local historians and architects.

Additionally, the amount of time that a temporary traffic control plan will affect a pedestrian route may have a key impact on the quantity of devices employed and the level of technology that is practical for rerouting pedestrians.

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