Aastra 571 not updating firmware

These have been tested with firmwares later than 2.3.1.

The latest firmware 2.4.1 is the best with correct G.722 support, also supporting many other wideband Codecs.

aastra 571 not updating firmware-79

Aastra 571 not updating firmware Sweden cams

This has been tested against firmware 2.6.0 all model Aastra phones.

Aastra phones support many broadband codecs all have been tested and working except BV32. This appears to be an Aastra issue, and not related to Free SWITCH.

If you are having trouble with registering or dialing from behind a NAT with an Aastra Phone, in the phone's web interface try enabling the rport option on the Advanced/Network page.

Also, when trying to use a port other than 5060 behind a NAT, on the Advanced/Global SIP page you might try changing "Local SIP UDP/TCP Port" to whatever port you are registering on with your Line settings.

These are only my feelings though at this moment and currently Aastra only supports the transition on RP Aastra Phones.

So what do you think, any Response Point users out there thinking about doing this transition?

Warning Access to Cisco firmware updates requires a Cisco account with sufficient privileges.

The account requires paying for the service and remains under the responsibility of the client or partner.

They also have an XML API for application development and there are lots of free 3rd party applications available.

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