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"The only thing you have left to do is turn in on and then hit the prompt on your computer to set up your profile. " She looked over at a tray on her desk that was polished and did a good job as a mirror and smiled at the blonde haired girl looking back at her. Her usual outfit of a short black latex micro-skirt, thigh high latex boots with 6 inch heels, wet look latex halter top that barely concealed her tits was nice and skin tight and showcased her hot bod very well. Don't worry about adding anything, the link will do the trick. She saw the handsome man on the screen and giggled. Her awards and diplomas morphed into several whips, dildos, shoes and boots, and some fetish costumes.Everyone has to make one and it takes about 10 minutes or so. Must have been static electricity or something." "Okay. " Sarah moved around her office and said "You sound just like you are standing next to me, how about your end? "Yes indeed, and it goes so well with your thick slutty makeup, cheap jewelry and that ponytail." The man said as he typed. "Oh yes, you can't really rock this look in the business world without thick makeup and hair down to your ass." Another jolt hit her and she grinned and turned around. Well, I have to admit I'm glad you came to us to help you set up your live porn webcam site. And I hear you are a wonder on the street when you are not working online." The man said openly smiling now. Second, let's finish your profile once you are done sending the link." Sarah did as she was told and replied "Done. She giggled as her desk, cabinet and chair slowly melted and morphed into a large couch which she reclined on. Well, thank you so much for choosing our services today Cinnamon. When you are done with your cam shift, get your ass to Sassy Street.The rep was more than willing to assist and answer any and every question she had in regards to their systems.

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If you like it, then you can get the full system for the quoted price on my bid. She had gotten the okay and the techs had actually started working last night.

But the system was now fully operational and ready to go.

It was still clean, well policed, had good schools, and the "clean" trendy night life and hotspots.

The villain known as Super Pimp and the Sassy Five had pretty much stopped at the river when they had taken over the Center City Ballet.

It gave a sense of the agent or manager actually being there working with the client versus a much more impersonal email or phone call.

And with some of the more advanced systems you could make even more of an impression.It would lock on her and follow once the conversation started so she could move about. Again she thought it odd that she had wanted to say blue. "Now hold on a min..." several jolts caused Sarah's eyes to roll back a bit in her head and she swayed on her feet for a few moments. She came to reality after a few moments and smiled again. High school dropout, IQ of a bimbo." The man said with some typing. She didn't even notice that the wall behind her started to change.She could order it to hold in place verbally if she wanted, but otherwise it was a motion tracker. "Of course, why shouldn't a hottie like me show off? She slightly spread her legs and thrust her chest out. There is a link you need to forward to all your clients and your company email all list. Sarah blinked and looked around dumbly for a second. Parts seemed to melt and reform slowly and her wall turned from a regular office wall to a soundproofed padded wall.Sarah's job was to find the best for the cheapest price. No way they could do this for that amount." Sarah said out loud.Sarah had argued that this was something that would be better to spend more money on, but had been overruled. Of course they will be out of our budget by..." Sarah trailed off as she looked at the bid. The bid was the lowest of all and they also stated they would beat any other low bid by 000 guaranteed.This is one about the perils of using technology to "save money" for you company. ***** IN A 37th FLOOR CORNER OFFICE IN CENTER CITY Sarah was hard at work comparing costs on a spreadsheet.

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